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Radiology Services

aware that Radiology is inseparable from the use of advanced equipment. Therefore we use both CPT and Dx-code while billing for service. We also focus on significantly reducing denial rates while improving collections through clear & accurate claim submission processes.

Chiropractic,Physical Therapy and Acupucture

The business challenges that come with running a Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy practice can lead to a lot of stress and headaches. Out Of Network (OON) Medical Billing is often one of the top frustrations. Illustrious Solutions LLC is the team of experts you have been searching for. We have been helping Chiropractic and Physical Therapy practice’s out-of-network revenue and revenue for years.

Behavior and Mental Services

Behavioral health is the study of emotions, biology, and mentality causing a person to behave a certain way and how it affects their day-to-day life. Behavior & mental health billing is complicated due to the type of care offered to patients and the funding provided for the treatment